Virgin Atlantic Interline Baggage Agreement British Airways

14 Tháng Tư, 2021 by Admin

It is true that, for historical reasons, BA and VA have an Interline agreement on certain routes. Experflyer has a free test subscription, if you invest a little time, you can get the Interline list yourself from there. As proposed in the USBT article, you can do this yourself by searching for flights on EF or KVS that, in turn, go directly through a GDS, or using the website of an online travel agency like Expedia. If the combination of BA and the other airline appears on one line, there is an Interline agreement for this. On the Speedbird Club website there is nothing about Interline partners, but there are very clear rules for separate tickets: It is quite possible, even under IATA rules, that airlines interline on one line and not at all on another, or at “reasonable” rates on one line and only at full fare on another. Therefore, even if you had a list of all the airlines with which British Airways has interline agreements, this list should be accompanied by comments on whether there are exceptions that exclude certain routes and what they were, whether the agreement covers only freight and perhaps fare levels between interline bookings. BA will have such a list. IATA will have a list such as the organization that manages the interline. I believe it is possible to deduce a list of GDS systems used by travel agencies to make reservations, when they should probably look for the manual to find out how, since there is no normal reason for them to want it. There is also a difference between “Interline” and “partners.” Many airlines have interline agreements that should only be used in the event of a service failure, and the mere mention of the word “partner” would encourage competition authorities to seek out the entire activity in search of agreements between one of the. B agreements between United and Delta, which have an interline agreement, but are by no means partners.

For example, Virgin Atlantic and British Airways are not partners, they are enemies, but they have agreements to transfer bags from one to the other. What do you mean? We`re going to use it. I did a bit more research and found someone in a forum that went elsewhere, but the same airlines (VS-BA) with a connection to Heathrow and his luggage went through both paths. That was in 2014. It is called the Interline connection. Apparently, VS-BA has been doing this for years. Ya me! Here`s a simple example. I took a flight with Qatar Airways from Italy to Bangkok, then I immediately had a connecting flight via Emirates to Hong Kong. If my pockets had been tangled (which they could not do because computers had broken down in Italy), I could have gone through the “Transit-passenger” section without getting my pockets back and reintegrating, clarifying security or going through full immigration.

The code-sharing agreements reached by the airlines have little to do with Interline baggage agreements.